Decentralized Data and AI Ecosystem

Dopamine Decentralized Platform

The Dopamine network is a decentralized global platform for data & AI providers and processors to monetize their IP. Envisioning the future data & AI industry as a global, cooperative and decentralized ecosystem, the Dopamine network is the pipeline for rewarding the various players in such an economy, gradually introducing a new type of data processing economy.

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A New Data Computing Economy

Currently, most data and AI IP is owned by deep pocket firms, leaving smaller enterprises with highly expensive end to end services, as a result independent developers or small IP related firms struggle to keep and monetize their IP. The rise of blockchain technology has created an opportunity to develop a network of rewards and interactions. In this network, there are far more data and service providers, each with unique expertise, and each provider is rewarded granularly according to its data or service demand.

Dopamine and AI

The Dopamine ecosystem fits perfectly within the emergence of AI solutions:


Is a valuable product for training AI systems. The Dopamine ecosystems rewards different data providers for training the same system.

Transfer learning

AI systems that have been trained on a certain task can be reused for another task. When one group reuses another entity’s AI system, the Dopamine ecosystem rewards this collaboration, all without revealing the original entity’s IP.

Deep systems

The Dopamine system enables different AI-based entities to collaborate and find novel solutions to complex challenges. As a result, contributing entities reap rewards - and still, retain their IP.

Conditional Rewarding

The Dopamine ecosystem rewards data & AI providers and processors based on their tool's success in solving specific problems. Incentivizing different entities for reaching shared goals.

How it works

As more and more data, AI & data processing providers offer their services on the Dopamine network in return for predefined rewards, the Dopamine network enables consumers to create a pipelines to solve new challenges:

  • No need to pay a giant firm to solve your AI issues
  • No fees
  • Maximum collaboration
  • Maximum competition
  • Never sacrifice your IP and Blockchain

The Dopamine rewarding and reputation systems, which are based on blockchain technology, enable groundbreaking collaboration and problem-solving.

Executives and Advisors

Managing Founder
PhD in Neuroscience.
More than 3 decades of experience in software & data processing development, design and management.

Algorithm Architecture
PhD in Computer and Electrical Engineering.
Researcher of statistical & machine learning methods.

AI & Deep Learning
Math Masters degree.
Formerly served in the most elite technology unit of the IDF

Software Development
Experience in Python, Solidity, C++, QA, Client-Server, C#, Javascript and many more technologies.

Advisory board member
Former Chief Scientist at Israel's Ministry of Science and Technology.

Advisory board member
CEO at RenGenLabs, Former investment banker at Credit Suisse. Harvard Business School MBA.

Advisory board member
Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at CheckPoint Software Technologies, Ltd. Cyber Threat Alliance Member.